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Child’s First Visit Report

“How To Make Your Child’s First Dentist Visit A Safe, Quick, & Easy Success!”

From the desk of Dr. Añonuevo
Charlotte, NC
Tuesday, 11:22am

Dear Parent,

Can you remember the first thing that came to your mind when you saw that very first tooth begin to cut its way into your child’s mouth?

How about when the second? Third? Fourth??

If you’re like some busy parents, it probably was not “I need to make the first dentist appointment”. Unfortunately this is why so many children suffer from pediatric gum disease, cavity’s and other gum and teeth problems. Especially when their adult teeth start to form and come in.

Hi, my name is Dr. Añonuevo. I’m a dentist right here in Charlotte and I would like to help save you and your child from unnecessary dental problems by urging you, and guiding you, on making your child’s first dental visit.

I’m so glad you found this report. Because if your child has not yet been to the dentist, or goes infrequently, you need to take action asap and destroy any chances of future problems before it’s too late. Later, I’ll give you an opportunity to do just that. But first, let’s look at the importance of pediatric dental care more closely.

“When Is The Right Time To Take My Child To The Dentist?”

Pediatric dental care should begin well before your son or daughter reaches his or her second, even first birthday!

Your child’s baby teeth are very important to his or her facial development, the ability and ease with which your child will learn to speak, and even your child’s capability to eat properly. All of this occurs well before the tooth fairy ever makes her first visit during the night!

What Makes Baby (Primary) Teeth So Important?

Primary teeth are extremely important to the overall oral health of your child. They are essential to:

  • Proper chewing and eating, and therefore nutrition

  • Creating space for the permanent teeth that will grow in later in their  lives, and guide those teeth into the proper positions

  • Allowing for the normal development of the jaw bones and facial muscles.

  • The ease and ability for speech development

Baby teeth will impact your child’s appearance, nutrition, and speech for the rest of his or her life! The front four teeth on the top and bottom will last until the age of six or seven, while the cuspids and molars (back teeth) will remain until the age of ten to thirteen.

When Should I Make the First Dentist Appointment For My Child?

All twenty of your child’s baby teeth will have come in at some point between the second and third birthday. At this point, your first step to proper dental care is to begin regular brushing. This can be a fun and enjoyable time for you and your child.

At around the age of 12-24 months, you should make the first dentist appointment, even if all of your child’s teeth have not fully grown in yet. (Unless of course you see signs or symptoms of gum disease or other issues. If you do, see a dentist immediately!)

This will ensure that the teeth are healthy and growing in properly, and that there are no issues with gums or other parts of the mouth.

You should also start doing your own examination of your child’s teeth every three months. All you need is a simple dental mirror and a pen-light. Hold the mirror up behind the surface of the teeth, and then shine the light onto the mirror. What you should look for includes stained areas or areas that look blue.

If you see blue areas, it may mean that your child’s tooth has been injured by a fall or other accident. In this case, you should call your dentist for further examination.

It has been shown in research studies that the oral hygiene habits that your child develops by the age of five will be those she/he will maintain for the rest of their lives. This includes brushing, flossing, and regularly attending professional dental checkups and cleanings.

As you can see, it’s very important to help your child get started on developing the proper habits for good dental health. But you must do much more than that. You need to take action and bring your child to the dentist!

“What Will Happen On Your Child’s First Visit to the Pediatric Dentist?”

Your child’s very first pediatric dentist appointment may include:

  • A review of nutrition and the diet of your child

  • A dialogue regarding pacifiers, thumb sucking, and other non-dietary oral habits

  • A look at injury prevention and dental trauma deterrence

  • A demonstration of normal tooth growth patterns and oral development

  • An analysis of risk factors for decay

  • And anything pertaining to symptoms or issues regarding your child’s teeth and stage of development

You may be asking, can I just go to my regular dentist, or should I go to a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentists have the same training as regular dentists, except that they will have gone through an additional two-to-three years of specialized pediatric dental training after they have already finished dental school. This allows them the best knowledge, understanding, and skill for the oral care of children between the ages of infancy and adolescence.

Children require different approaches to their dental health. They are different in their needs and behaviors than adults because they are still going through the growth and development process and can still take many preventative actions to avoid future problems.

It’s up to you, but the pediatric dentist is the professional who is best qualified to meet the oral health needs of children.

“Why It’s Important To Have A Pediatric Dentist That You’re Familiar With!”

Unfortunately, many parents wait until the child has pain or visible symptoms of disease before they bring their child to the dentist. This often causes anxiety, worry, and apprehension from the parents. “Who do I choose?” “Where can I find a dentist?”. It’s important to have a dentist that you know and are familiar with. Someone you have seen before the urgent appointment is needed.

Other than for checkups and first consultations, you need to have a pediatric dentist’s available and their number handy, in case of oral health emergencies. There are many different forms of oral health emergency, and though many have to do with teeth, this is not always the case. It could be a knocked out tooth, a bitten or cut lip, or something as simple as a toothache. All of these call for a pediatric dentist who you’re familiar with, you trust, and is ready to care for your child.

And that’s where we come in.

Again, I am a pediatric dentist who would welcome the opportunity to service you and your child.

Your child’s teeth and health are irreplaceable. Just as it’s important to have a pediatrician, you must have your pediatric dentist on call and ready to serve you when needed. This is all starts with a first visit.

And this is why I am so happy you requested this report. I want to make this as easy and as comfortable as possible for you, so I’d like to give you a free consultation with me anytime you like!

That’s right! A Free Pediatric Dental Consultation. Just fill out the consultation request form below to set up your appointment with me. Once you do, here’s what will happen:

  1. I’ll email you your free consultation certificate which you can use anytime.
  2. After reviewing the information, think it over and choose a date and time you’d like to come in with your child for a free consultation! If you like, you can even call us right away to see what we have available. It’s all explained in the email you’ll receive.

I have certain days and times set aside for free consultations. Only a few slots on certain days so I can’t say that we have many spaces available. But by completing the form below, this will put you next in line and we will do our best to get you in as fast as possible.

Once you come in we’ll answer all of your questions, take a look at your child’s situation, and let you know all the details about what it’s like when we commit to the health of your child’s teeth. I know you’ll be excited and relived when you see hw easy and simple it’s going to be.

Again complete the form below. But don’t put this off. Do it now while it’s fresh in your head. Procrastination is the killer of healthy teeth! Don’t put off something so simple that can save you and your child pain, suffering and money down the road.. contact me and book your Free Consultation right now — I look forward to meeting you and your child in person!


Dr. Añonuevo.

P.S. Now’s the time for you to take the action, don’t delay. Complete the form below foryour Free Pediatric Dental Consultation ($175 Value) now!

How To Avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist!”

Discover Everything You Need to Know Before You Choose a Cosmetic Dentist…

From the desk of Dr. Añonuevo
Charlotte, NC
Friday, 10:37am

Dear Friend,

Do you want a more beautiful smile that causes people to sit up and take notice?

Are you thinking of getting some Cosmetic Dentistry done? If so, you’re going to love this little report.

It’s so important because your smile is what you use to greet people every single day… and if you don’t feel good about your smile, can you really present your best self when communicating with other people?

If you want the kind of smile you envision for yourself in your mind, it’s extremely important that you correctly choose a Cosmetic Dentist, one that can give you the precise results you’re looking for.

But unfortunately, many people don’t know what to look for when choosing a Cosmetic Dentist…

And as a result, they end up making major mistakes.

For one, they could end up paying an arm and a leg…

… I’m talking possibly up to several thousand dollars for dental work that doesn’t give them the end result they wanted in the first place!

Worse yet, if you choose a inexperienced Cosmetic Dentist who doesn’t know what they’re doing, you could end up with chipped teeth, permanently irritated gums, or worse yet — a crooked smile!

But don’t worry, I’m about to tell you how to avoid these and a few other mistakes many people make when choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

And by familiarizing you with these common mistakes, you make sure you never end up with a disastrous experience!

“Many People Think It’s The ‘Right Thing To Do’-Don’t Make This Mistake!”

Many people think shopping around is what everyone should do when they make a purchase. And I agree, shopping around is good, however, it’s also a major factor in procrastination. If you were thinking about buying a new house, would you buy the first one a real estate agent showed you? Probably not… Unless you knew it was the perfect house for you!

Well, the same goes for choosing a Cosmetic Dentist!

Just like your home, your smile is something you “live in” day in and day out, 24 hours a day, seven days a week… and before you commit to a particular Cosmetic Dentist, you need to do your homework and “shop around”.

BUT, if you know you’ve found someone you like, you trust and that has a proven track record….it’s time to stop shopping around and take action!

Start by looking through your local yellow pages and make a list of Cosmetic Dentists in your area.

Next, make an appointment with one dentist.

A good Cosmetic Dentist will be willing to book a free consultation to speak with you one-on-one about what changes you’d like to see with your smile.

When you meet with the Cosmetic Dentist, take note of the environment: Do you feel comfortable asking them questions, or do you feel rushed? How clean is the facility? What are the staff like?

Keep your eyes open and take in everything you can.

Also, most Cosmetic Dentists should have a book on display of before-and-after pictures of their patients… if you don’t see this available, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

… Most Cosmetic Dentists are proud to show their work to prospective patients!

It’s also wise to ask for permission to contact two or three past patients to find out what their experience with the Cosmetic Dentist was like.

Are they happy with their results? Did they have any complications or other problems after their procedure? If so, how did the dentist respond?

These are all excellent things to find out. Once you feel comfortable, go for it!

“How To Be Sure Your Cosmetic Dentist Is The ‘Real Deal’!”

Any dentist who has graduated from a dentistry school can call him or herself a “Cosmetic” Dentist…

In other words, dentists don’t have to any special training in Cosmetic Dentistry in order to legally call themselves “Cosmetic Dentists.”

But! There ARE dentists out there who have been trained specifically in cosmetic procedures…

These dentists are TRUE Cosmetic Dentists who possess a winning combination of a foundation in general dentistry and the artistic training to give you the kinds of results you’re looking for.

One of the major differences between a “general” dentist and a Cosmetic Dentist is this: A Cosmetic Dentist has a strong esthetic eye, and is committed to leaving you looking as beautiful as possible.

General dentists, on the other hand, tend to be much more concerned with making sure everything works rather than making sure it looks fantastic too!

So how can YOU tell the difference between the two so you can make sure you don’t end up with a less qualified Cosmetic Dentist?

Here’s how:

In addition to asking for before-and-after photos and checking references (as we mentioned above), check to see if your Cosmetic Dentist a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD).

The AACD is an organization of Cosmetic Dentists who are committed to the highest levels of education and advancement in the area of Cosmetic Dentistry.

In fact, the AACD is made up of an elite, highly-trained group of more than 300 Cosmetic Dentists from around the world!

If you can find a Cosmetic Dentist who is a member of the AACD, chances are they specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry, which means it most likely makes up the bulk of the treatments they provide…

And full-time Cosmetic Dentist will have performed many procedures that will have allowed them to hone their skills and perfect their techniques — leaving you with ideal results!

“What You Must Never Do When Getting Cosmetic Work Done!”

Here’s the scenario… you tell a Cosmetic Dentist what changes you’d like to see with your smile… how does he or she respond?

If you tell the Cosmetic Dentist you’d like a whiter, brighter smile, and the dentist simply recommends costly veneers without giving you any other options, you may have a problem.


Well, veneers may be an extreme solution for someone who wants a whiter, brighter smile.

They’re also the most invasive and expensive procedure… so ask yourself: Did the dentist let you know about other options such as whitening trays or laser whitening?

Mistake #3 is not gathering all the facts. Make sure your Cosmetic Dentists explains all of your options before you make a decision.

Some Cosmetic Dentists will try and get you to commit to the most expensive treatments to fatten their pocketbooks, others are going to give you the perfect solution which may also cost more than you expected… but unfortunately many people don’t question what a Cosmetic Dentist tells them…be different. Ask questions. However, if you find someone you trust, you can know they are giving you the correct solutions and advise. This is why it’s so important to find someone you can trust and feel comfortable with.

Many people think some Cosmetic Dentists are out for a big pay day. And some may be. But this is not the norm,

But keep in mind that there are many Cosmetic Dentists out there that put the best needs of their patients first!

These dentists will provide you with a good range of options to choose from, rather than recommending the most expensive treatment even though it’s not needed… and these are the Cosmetic Dentists you want to book your treatment with.

“Don’t Sacrifice This Ingredient for Anything!”

Unfortunately, many people won’t question what a Cosmetic Dentist tells them because they think: “Well, he or she is the expert…”.

Well, it’s also very common that people will give their business to a Cosmetic Dentist who makes them feel downright uncomfortable, thinking that great results are worth enduring bad bedside manner…

But this is a mistake!

A good Cosmetic Dentist puts the needs of their patient first, and as a result, wants to make sure you get all of your questions answered.

And consequently, these are the same kinds of Cosmetic Dentists that are committed to making sure you come out of any treatment 100% satisfied with your results!

Just as you deserve a great smile, you also deserve good care from your Cosmetic Dentist AND his or her staff.

If a Cosmetic Dentist makes you feel uncomfortable in any way — if they are abrasive or rude, coldly rush you in and out of their office, or keep you waiting for a long period of time with no explanation — trust your gut, know that you deserve better, and grab your things and go.

Remember: You are the customer!

Don’t ever settle for shoddy treatment. If you don’t feel valued by a dentist or his or her staff, don’t waste your time or money with them — you’re worth more than that!

“What About The Discount?”

Mistake #5: Don’t choose a “Deep Discount” dentist!

What’s a “discount dentist”? Good question! This is someone who advertises ridiculously low, rock bottom deals for particular treatments — like whitening, laser gum surgery, or veneers for example.

If four dentists are quoting you same amount for a particular treatment, but a fifth one offers to do the treatment for significantly less, consider this a red flag. Not a deal breaker, but definitely a red flag. Ask the lower price dentist why they’re much lower.

The Cosmetic Dentist may be really hurting for business and wants YOUR business… and this may not be a good thing. Why? Typically,  a GOOD Cosmetic Dentist is a busy Cosmetic Dentist! Unless someone is just starting out and if that’s the case, low prices still must be explained.

Also, keep in mind that you get what you pay for — a deep discount may be a sign that the quality of treatment may not be up to ideal standards. Again, get references.

And remember, this is your SMILE were talking about here! You don’t want to cut any corners in making sure you look as beautiful as possible.

“Here’s How To Get The Smile You’ve Been Dreaming Of…”

Chances are, I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, but one thing I know for sure is you want to face the world with the very best smile you can have!

Imagine having the confidence to strike up a conversation with anyone you choose, and know that they’ll be wowed by your beautiful smile… amazing.

Well, what if I told you there was a friendly, expertly-trained Cosmetic Dentist here in your neighborhood that could help you achieve just that?

I’m Dr. Añonuevo, and I’ve had the privilege of giving people the smile they’ve only envisioned in their minds.

Nothing makes me happier than seeing patients on their follow-up visits… and these patients are beaming with satisfaction over their results!

But I consider the true measure of my success to be the many people referred to me by my happy patients…

And this is why I urge you to take action and request a free consultation with me TODAY.

I have certain days and times set aside for free consultations. Only a few slots on certain days so I can’t say that we have many spaces available. But by completing the form on this page, this will put you next in line and we will do our best to get you in as fast as possible.

To make sure we don’t lose this this opportunity to meet and discuss your dream smile in person, I urge you to call (704) 540-1900 for a $100 discount on your first visit to our office right away.

Once you come in we’ll answer all of your questions and let you know all the details and exactly what we can do for you and your smile.

It’s really that simple… call (704) 540-1900 for a $100 discount on your first visit to our office with me, one of the top Cosmetic Dentists in Charlotte.

Procrastination is the killer of dreams! Don’t put off having the perfect smile of your dreams… contact me and book your free consultation right now — I can’t wait to sit down with you in person and talk with you about your smile!


Dr. Añonuevo

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