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Choosing A Dentist Report

“Introducing The Secret To Gentle, Quick & Painless Dentist Visits!”

Plus, How To Avoid The Biggest Mistakes When Choosing a Family Dentist…

From the desk of Dr. Añonuevo
Charlotte, NC
Monday, 1:48pm

Dear Friend,

Does even the thought of sitting in a dentist’s chair make you feel weak in the knees??

Are you someone who tenses up with anxiety when someone so much as mentions the word “dentist?”

How would you like to discover a tiny secret that will help you on your way to quick, stress-free & painless dental visits?

My name is Dr. Añonuevo and I’m a dentist that specializes in helping people enjoy gentle, anxiety free dental visits. Many of my patients leaped for joy when they left our office for the first time because they finally felt comfortable going to the dentist!

I’m so glad you found this report. In it I’m going to show you exactly how you too can feel comfortable, and even enjoy, going to the dentist!

You probably agree, going to the dentist regularly is so important. And finding a family dentist you like and trust is even more important. But sometimes, even when you find someone you like, it still isn’t the most comfortable thing most of us can think of doing

For many people, fear of visiting the dentist is a MAJOR stumbling block when it comes to maintaining their oral health.

Dental phobias affect millions and millions of Americans.

In fact, according to some studies, as many as ONE THIRD of all Americans refuse to go to the dentist because of dental phobias!

Why people suffer from dental phobias is mostly a mystery… Some people may have had unpleasant experiences as children in the dentist’s office… Others may feel too vulnerable sitting in a dental chair…

But if you asked most people what it is exactly that their afraid of, many will tell you the same thing: PAIN!

And this is understandable, because who likes pain? Not me! And I’m sure not you either…

But the fact of the matter is that not going to the dentist can cause you serious problems!

Dentists can often catch tooth decay and gum disease in its early stages, and can remedy the problem before it gets any worse. If you don’t visit the dentist, these issues could ravage your teeth without you even knowing it.

And if left long enough, dental decay and gum disease are near impossible to reverse, meaning you may need to have teeth removed altogether!

But don’t panic, because if you’re someone who detests going to the dentist, there IS a way to have a completely pain-free experience!

Here’s how…

“How YOU Can Get In And Out Of The Dentist’s Office With ZERO Pain!”

Traditionally, if you needed a treatment that could potentially involve some pain or discomfort, you would be given a local anesthetic that would numb the area of treatment

The most common way that local anesthetic is administered is by way of an oral injection directly near or into the area of the mouth that requires the dental treatment.

And as you can imagine, this isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world!

I’ve also seen many patients who have an intense dislike or fear of needles. (To tell you the truth, I don’t much like getting needles either!)

But besides the pain of receiving an oral injection, there are other reasons why patients choose to shy away from other anesthetic…

Many people have concerns about taking a strong medication like a general anesthetic. And others fear being completely “out” and feeling like they have no control over their environment….

If any of these “phobias” apply to you, Sedation Dentistry can be an EXCELLENT option. This is a big mistake for some. They don’t choose a dentist that practices sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry (also known as Relaxation Dentistry) is a technique that is much milder, yet still highly effective alternative to general anesthetic.

With Sedation Dentistry, you can remain conscious (meaning your not put into a deep “sleeping” state as with general anesthetic) and yet be totally pain-free during most dental procedures, which makes this an attractive option for many patients who usually shun the dentist’s chair!

“So What Is This Amazing Pain-Free Technique Exactly?”

Sedation Dentistry is a technique used by dentists and oral surgeons who have received special training and certification.

The treatment itself involves the patient taking an analgesic (which is basically a fancy word for a strong painkiller) or a sedative that puts them into a deep, relaxed state.

If you…

  • Feel extremely anxious at the mere thought of visiting the dentist
  • Have had past traumatic dental experiences
  • Have extreme difficulty responding to general anesthetic (in other words, you have a hard time getting “numb”)
  • Have a very sensitive gag reflex
  • Have super sensitive teeth or gums
  • Need quite invasive dental care
  • Want to take care of several dental issues in a single appointment
  • Have a phobia of needles

… You may be an excellent candidate for Sedation Dentistry.

There are several methods Sedation Dentistry medication can be administered – intravenously, orally, or by inhalation.

  1. A little IV…
    In intravenous or IV sedation (also known as Deep Conscious Sedation) the sedative is introduced by way of an IV directly into the patient’s blood stream.
    One of the main benefits of IV sedation is that the patient feels the effect of the medication almost instantly. This means if the patient or dentist feels more medication is needed, more can be administered immediately.
    IV sedation is very effective but isn’t very common, since specialized training and certification is required by dentists who administer it. Also, many patients may not feel comfortable having an IV inserted, but thankfully for those patients, there are two other options…
  2. Breath deeply…
    Sedation medication can also be administered via inhalation (also called Inhalation Conscious Sedation). This option is typically referred to as “laughing gas,” and has been around for some time.
    In this procedure, a small plastic mask is placed over the patient’s mouth and nose while he or she is sitting in the dentist’s chair. The patient then inhales a mixture of two gases – nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2) – and usually falls into a light sleep.
    Approximately 35% of all American dentists offer “laughing gas” as an option to their patients. It’s a popular method since it takes effect almost instantly… and wears off almost as fast!
    On the downside, inhalation sedation isn’t recommended to people who have asthma or any other kind of respiratory issues.
  3. Pop a little pill…
    Patients can also opt to take sedation medication orally in the form of one or two small pills. The majority of patients opt for this form of sedation, since taking a little pill is easy enough!
    The disadvantage of this option is that it takes some time for the medication to kick in, meaning the patient may need to wait in the waiting room until the dentist feels they are ready to proceed.
    But as this is the method of Sedation Dentistry most preferred by patients, I want to tell you…

“EXACTLY What You Can Expect With Oral Sedation Dentistry…”

If you decide to discuss oral Sedation Dentistry in your initial consultation with me, my office will supply you with a prescription for a dental sedative that you can get filled and bring with you to your subsequent appointment.

Then, I’ll ask you to come into the office an hour ahead of your appointment… so if you are scheduled for a 1pm, I’ll ask you to come in at noon for example.

Why an hour early?

This is so you can take the medication you were prescribed as soon as you arrive… you see, it usually takes about an hour for it to kick in and take effect!

While you’re waiting in our wait room, we’ll have books and magazines for you to choose from, and my staff and I will keep a close eye on how you’re doing as the medication begins to take effect.

And even though you wait for approximately one hour, most patients only recall having to wait about 10 or 15 minutes!

This is because most of the oral medications dentists prescribe for Sedation Dentistry – whether it’s IV, laughing gas or oral – cause minor amnesia, meaning you generally won’t remember your time in my office beyond the first 10 to 15 minutes.

This is pleasant for many patients who have a fear of sitting in the dentist’s chair… you simply wake up and the treatment is complete – minus all of the anxiety and suffering!

Once the medication has kicked in, you’ll be helped into the dentist’s chair, and the procedure you have scheduled with us is carried out.

But you’re not actually asleep during the procedure… you will merely be in a state of deep very deep relaxation. You will also still be able to communicate, for example – you’ll be able to hear and respond to questions that are asked of you (although you may slur a little bit).

Once the treatment is complete, you should have someone – a friend or a family member is best – waiting to pick you up and drive you home from the appointment, as you won’t be able to drive.

Most patients are helped home and go straight to bed, and wake up one or two hours later feeling refreshed…

… And its like only 15 minutes have gone by since they first walked into my office an hour early for their appointment!

“The Big Mistake People Make When Choosing A Family Dentist…”

Okay, now that you know how to get gentle, pain free visits, you need to make sure you pick a dentist that can accommodate you.  So how do you do that?

Well, many people think shopping around is what everyone should do when they make a purchase. And I agree, shopping around is good, however, it’s also a major factor in procrastination. If you were thinking about buying a new house, would you buy the first one a real estate agent showed you? Probably not… Unless you knew it was the perfect house for you!

Well, the same goes for choosing a Family Dentist!

Just like your home, your teeth are something you “live with” day in and day out, 24 hours a day, seven days a week… and before you commit to a particular Family Dentist, you need to do your homework and “shop around”.

BUT, if you know you’ve found someone you like, you trust and that has a proven track record….it’s time to stop shopping around and take action!

Start by looking through your local yellow pages and make a list of Family Dentists in your area.

Next, make an appointment with one dentist.

A good Dentist will be willing to book a consultation to speak with you one-on-one about what your concerns are with your teeth and give you some good recommendations for maintenance and healthy teeth.

When you meet with the Dentist, take note of the environment: Do you feel comfortable asking them questions, or do you feel rushed? How clean is the facility? What are the staff like?

Keep your eyes open and take in everything you can.

It’s also wise to ask for permission to contact two or three past patients to find out what their experience with the Dentist was like.

Are they happy with their experiences? Did they have any complications or other problems with this Dentist? If so, how did the dentist respond?

These are all excellent things to find out. Once you feel comfortable, go for it! DON’T PROCRASTINATE!!

“Your Next Step To Pain-Free Dental Care…”

If you are someone who needs to find a Family Dentist yet cringes at the thought of stepping into a dentist’s office… the sheer mention of the word “dentist” causes you to tense up and feel stressed… and the thought of the sounds of dental drills and other oral tools sends you into a tailspin…

We may be the perfect solution for you!

Again, we have had the pleasure of helping many, many patients with dental phobias take care of dental issues and achieve perfect oral health.

And now I want to help YOU.

I’d like to invite you to book a free consultation and come in and speak with me about any dental issues or concerns you may have, and how we can make treating these issues as painless and stress-free as possible.

If you suspect or know that you need invasive, normally painful dental procedures that need to be done, it really is possible for you to walk into my office and wake up comfortably at home in what seems like just 15 minutes later with the work all complete…

… And with little or no memory of being in my dentist’s chair at all!

I’d like to make sure you get ALL of your questions about your dental health answered, so please call (704) 540-1900 for a $100 discount on your first visit to our office.

Once you come in we’ll answer all of your questions and let you know all the details and exactly what we can do after we discover your situation.

It’s really that simple… call (704) 540-1900 for a $100 discount on your first visit to our office with me, one of the top dentists in your area.

Procrastination is the killer of dental health! Don’t put off something so simple that can save you pain, suffering and anxiety down the road..  — I look forward to meeting you in person


Dr. Añonuevo

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