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Dentures in Charlotte, NC

Dentures are not simply meant to improve your appearance and restore your smile; they are important to the overall health and function of both mouth and jaw.

When spaces exist in your mouth, your remaining teeth will begin to shift. This will ultimately affect your bite. Dentures fill in the spaces and stop the movement. Whether you have lost some or all of your teeth, dentures will make chewing food easier, improve your speech and promote a natural jaw profile.

The Costs of Delay

Dentures will also help preserve the bone in your upper and lower jaw. Missing teeth do more than trigger misalignment; the bone that once anchored the teeth will begin to shrink and recede for many people, dramatically changing the entire facial profile. In addition, the longer you wait to replace missing teeth with dentures, the harder it will be to securely fit dentures in your mouth.

Customized Denture Choices

Complete dentures rest on the gums, and are for patients who have lost all teeth. Depending on the number of teeth you retain, Dr. Añonuevo will recommend either a partial denture or a bridge. Because these appliances attach to existing teeth, they are more stable in your mouth.

Stability can be enhanced with all types of dentures by adding dental implants to the mix. Implants are firmly rooted in your jaw, providing a solid anchor for your new set of teeth. Implants are especially useful for the lower jaw: While upper dentures cover the roof of the mouth, lower dentures leave space for the tongue, and as a result tend to be less stable.

Denture Custom Design and Procedure Details

Most dentures require several visits for proper design and fitting. During your first appointment, Dr. Añonuevo will measure your bite and take an impression of your teeth. This mold will be used to create a model and later a set of wax trial dentures that you can try before the final set is created. The last step is the custom fitting, ensuring dentures are comfortable and secure.


New denture wearers go through a period of adjustment. Your mouth will need to learn how to fine-tune the way you chew and speak. Hard and sticky foods will be especially challenging in the beginning. With speech, your tongue needs some time to coordinate with the new dental appliance. Dr. Añonuevo will ensure your new dentures are well-fitting, but you may also want to use denture adhesive in the early weeks as you practice chewing different foods and reclaiming phonetically complex words.

If you would like to discuss your specific dental needs with a respected, trustworthy dentist in Charlotte, we invite you to book a consultation with Dr. Añonuevo. Please call or email Inspire Dentistry of the Carolinas today to make your appointment.