Dental Crowns In Charlotte, NC

Crowns are permanent caps that extend the life of a tooth that has been weakened by infection, inflammation or trauma. When bonded to a tooth, this long-lasting protective cover hides flaws, discoloration, cracks and chips, and can act as a strong anchor for dental bridges. Even as a crown fortifies a compromised tooth, it enhances your oral health and improves the appearance of your smile.

Types of Dental Crowns

In selecting a crown, most patients choose porcelain, which combines strength and resilience with a natural look that fits in perfectly with existing teeth. A less expensive option is resin, a durable material that will not last as long as porcelain. For front teeth, ceramic crowns are a popular choice.

Metal crowns are more noticeable, but resist cracking and put less stress on the teeth they make contact with in the upper or lower mouth, especially when chewing. There is also a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown that is more aesthetically pleasing than a metal crown, although there can be a dark line visible at the gum line. Whichever choice you make, you will benefit from a strong, secure shield that will protect your tooth for a lifetime.

How the Dental Crown Process Works

The process of reinforcing a tooth with a secure crown begins with an exam and digital imaging, followed by a slight reshaping of the tooth. This is done using local anesthetic, and is necessary to ensure your new crown will fit well when it is bonded to the tooth.

During the first phase of the procedure, the affected tooth is capped with a temporary acrylic crown that a patient wears until the next appointment. In the interim, the permanent crown is manufactured at a laboratory that specializes in dental restorations, using the measurements and models supplied by the dentist.

When your crown is ready, you will return to our office for replacement of the acrylic crown with your new, customized and permanent crown. Dr. Añonuevo will ensure that the crown is providing a secure cap that will prevent air or microbes from again entering the interior of the tooth. Your crown will be a permanent shield protecting the health and integrity of the tooth.

Dental Crown Results

In addition to these positive benefits, you can be confident that your new crown will look and feel completely natural. Matching the color of your existing teeth is part of the measurement process, ensuring your crown blends in perfectly with adjacent teeth. Your new crown will be completely at home in your mouth, and as inconspicuous as a filling.

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