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Tooth Extractions in Charlotte NC

Sometimes a tooth is too far gone to be saved by a crown, filling or root canal. In that case, dentists apply an advanced version of an age-old technique: extraction.

Because modern dentists are much better equipped to save a decayed or infected tooth, the procedure is also much rarer than it once was. Refinements in dental technology have made the extraction process convenient and painless.

Who is a Candidate for Tooth Extraction?

When left untreated, periodontal disease will eventually eat away at the bone that firmly anchors teeth in the jaw. When teeth begin to loosen, extraction may be necessary.

Infected teeth or teeth with severe decay may also not be salvageable. Sometimes trauma damages the tooth or its stability in the mouth, and the tooth will need to be removed. For orthodontic patients, removal of one or more teeth before initiating treatment is common. Impacted teeth, severely misaligned teeth, or teeth that simply won’t fit in a small mouth may also need to be extracted.

Tooth Removal Details

Whatever the reason, Dr. Añonuevo will ensure that the extraction process is as quick, comfortable and complication-free as possible. Removal begins with the application of local anesthetic to numb the tooth, gums and jaw bone. The only sensation you are likely to experience is a feeling of pressure, as your dentist moves the tooth back and forth to loosen it from its socket.

In most cases this simple technique will be sufficient. If the root is curved or solidly rooted, the tooth may require “sectioning.” As the name suggests, the tooth is cut into sections by the dentist and removed piece by piece.

Side Effects of Tooth Extraction

At that point your tooth is gone, but should not be forgotten. In a few weeks or months, bone will fill and smooth over the empty socket. But if you do not address this newly created gap in your mouth, you may experience a number of negative side effects.

This new imbalance in your mouth can affect your jaw joint and interfere with chewing or speaking. It may cause other teeth to drift out of alignment. Without the root from the extracted tooth, the jaw bone in the area will lose the natural stimulation the root provided. As a result, the bone that once anchored the teeth will begin to shrink and recede for many people, dramatically changing the entire facial profile.

Next Steps to fill the Gap

Dr. Añonuevo will advise you on effective ways to fill the gap and prevent any adverse effects. Solutions may include dental implants, orthodontic treatment, bridges, or partial dentures.

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