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Jaw Pain Report

“How To Eliminate Jaw Pain!”

Discover The 5 Hidden Symptoms Of TMJ & Why Many People Unknowingly Have This Silent Killer Without Any Obvious Symptoms!

From the desk of Dr. Añonuevo
Charlotte, NC
Monday, 10:19am

Dear Friend,

Jaw pain can be one the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. Not only is it painful, but it also limits so many enjoyable things in life: eating, socializing, sleeping and many others. Many people simply ignore jaw pain. Some deal with the pain with pain killers. Others wait for it to go away.

If you have been experiencing jaw pain, there is help for you.

Before I explain more, let me ask you a question:

In addition to jaw pain, do you suffer from one or any of these symptoms?

  • Headaches and Migraines?
  • Neck and shoulder pain?
  • Depression?
  • Sensitive or sore teeth?
  • Sleep problems

If you answered “yes”, we may have already identified your problem. You may have something called TMJ.

TMJ, the short-form of temporomandibular joint syndrome, and also known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is easily one of the least understood, and most under-diagnosed oral conditions.  This is quite a surprising fact considering that there are well over ten million TMJ sufferers in the United States alone!

My name is Dr. Añonuevo and I’m a dentist that specializes in helping people detect and eliminate the true cause of jaw pain. And I believe I can help you too. That is the reason I wrote this report. To give TMJ sufferers hope and a specific plan to eliminate it.

TMJ is not limited to only jaw pain, there are a number of other symptoms which include:

Tinnitus (ringing in the ears), Loose teeth, Facial pain, Clicking/popping of the jaw, Limited jaw movement/locking jaw, worn/cracked teeth, Not being unable to open the mouth comfortably, Headaches, A bite that feels uncomfortable or ìoffî, Neck, shoulder and back pain , Swelling on the side of the face .

Are you experiencing any of these additional symptoms? If so, you may have TMJ.

“If I Have TMJ, How Can I Discover What Caused It?”

Good question. The primary cause of TMJ is excessive strain on the temporomandibular joints and the jaw muscles. An example is when people get this from grinding their teeth.

Most frequently, this strain is due to a misalignment of the jaw itself but only the proper tests can determine for sure what it’s from.

It is vital to know that your TMJ symptoms won’t simply remain as they are.

TMJ symptoms are typically progressive and therefore they will get worse over time.  Furthermore, as time goes by, you may suffer from an increasing number of symptoms, and as the symptoms worsen, they can actually cause real damage to your neck and back.

Left untreated, you may suffer from significant pain in different places all over your body, not just in your facial area.

Many times, people suffering from these pains don’t have any idea that the cause is in their jaw.  They may have had several tests from blood tests to MRIs with no results that can lead to proper treatment.

By being checked by a dentist that specializes in TMJ, you may discover that the issue was in your jaw all along, and that treatment can begin right away.

Until you receive your treatment, it is recommended that you take the following steps to assist in managing your symptoms and reducing any pain:

  • Take a non-aspirin pain reliever or a muscle relaxant, anti-inflammatory drug, or analgesic
  • Avoid chewing gum
  • Eat soft foods
  • Apply ice or moist heat
  • Practice relaxation techniques that minimize muscle tension
  • Practice good stress management techniques
  • Keep good posture
“How Can I Just Get Rid Of The Pain?”

First, you need a proper diagnosis before you begin treatment. This means going to a dentist that deals with this everyday.

The sooner you receive a proper diagnosis, the sooner you can begin to relieve all of the symptoms that you’re feeling, and make sure that the symptoms do not progress or cause other problems in different areas of your body.

This will likely involve a treatment plan.

As I mentioned before, I specialize in helping people with jaw pain and other symptoms of TMJ.

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Dr. Añonuevo.

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